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Coul House Hotel
Coul House Hotel Team

All of our team.....

take great pride in what they do and share passion for hospitality. They take pleasure in discussing the Highlands attributes and offer advice and suggestions to enhance your itinerary.

The Macpherson Family

The Macpherson familyHaving been born and raised in the hotel business in The Highlands of Scotland, it was always on my mind to return.

I had spent ten years managing independently owned luxury hotels in America; preparing somewhat unknowingly for this opportunity. After many extremely long hot summers in the south east of America and the birth of our wee girls Aurora & Liah, we began dreaming of life back in Scotland.

We became serious about recognising our goals when we registered online with estate agents in October 2002; and on June 5th 2003, our dreams became a reality when we became the proud owners of Coul House Hotel.

As I am sure you can imagine, we had a plethora of ideas flooding through our heads about what to do first and what we could do to build on the success that the property had already recognized. We began the process of upgrading the hotel and had a lot of work ahead of us, including the challenging process of getting the gardens and Rhododendrons under control.

A few years on it is great to look back and see how much we have accomplished and still have the enthusiasm and new goals for the years to follow. You can see our archived
progress reports and annual report typically updated on the web site in January each year. 
Chris McLeod

Chris McLeod

Chris is the general manager and for us a real godsend; our life changed considerably once he joined us in the Summer of 2006. He has allowed us the opportunity to add some balance to our life.

To the guests Chris is known for his courteous and jovial manner. He is a stickler for cleanliness and will often be seen roaming the halls with his feather duster. His real passion though is food and wine and it brings a wealth of experience of fine dining to Coul House.

Garry Kenley

Garry is our head chef and a friend of mine now for almost 30 years. I met Garry in his first position as head chef. He was only 21 and had been talked into the position by my father who owned the Loch Ness House Hotel at the time. I was employed as Garry’s commis chef and, in fact, he taught me all I know about cooking. I learnt enough to realise that I should leave the cooking to him.

Garry kept in touch over the years and when I had an opportunity to employ him in America I was able to talk him into coming over. I was able to get him a six-year visa and, whilst working together at Henderson Village in Georgia, he won restaurant of the year. Garry also worked for several years in Guernsey at the Atlantic Hotel and competed with their national culinary team in international competitions. He won many medals, including gold for his bread.

Garry is a real stickler for detail and will not compromise on his classical training. He insists on making everything from scratch, all his stocks and sauces, even his ice cream and croissants. He is an artist and musician at heart and shares his time between these hobbies and his love of golf.


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